Why These HVAC Companies Partnered with Southern Home Services

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We’ve had the pleasure of partnering with many high-performing, respected HVAC businesses in the southeast. While every business owner has their own reasons for selling a business, partnering with Southern Home Services ensures that you will receive the support you need through every step of the process.

Dial Duron Service Co.

Dial Duron Service Co., located in Brevard County, Florida, has been providing excellent service to its customers for 26 years, a tradition that continued after the company partnered with Southern Home Services in 2017. Dial Duron general manager David Venier noted at the time of the partnership announcement that “Southern Home Services expects to continue the popular service programs our customers have enjoyed over the years, yet the operation will eventually employ more automated and efficient business systems to better service our customers.”

This dedication to ensuring that a company’s existing customers continue to receive the level of service they’ve always had is key to a smooth transition and something the team at Southern Home Services takes very seriously. A partnership continues and builds upon the strong foundation that each company has already created. Southern Home Services understands that selling a business can be stressful enough, without worrying about whether your customers will continue to receive the high-quality service they expect.

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AirNow Home Services

AirNow Home Services marked Southern Home Services’ first partnership in Alabama. AirNow, located in Millbrook, Alabama, has been providing HVAC services to the Montgomery area for over 20 years. When the partnership between AirNow and Southern Home Services was announced in May of 2022, AirNow CEO James Merritt stated, “We evaluated several potential partners and ultimately chose to sell to Southern Home Services because they offered the best opportunity for our employees.”

This is another key feature of a partnership with Southern Home Services. We make the process of selling a small business streamlined and straightforward, allowing teams working in the businesses we partner with to continue doing a fantastic job and to feel secure in the fact that their future, and the future of their company, is in good hands.

Allen’s Air Conditioning & Heating

With the acquisition of Allen’s Air Conditioning & Heating, Southern Home Services had its first Kentucky partnership. Allen’s, which has been serving central Kentucky for over 60 years, has a reputation for quality work and old-fashioned, friendly service. Allen’s President and CEO, David Allen, noted that partnering with Southern Home Services made a positive impact on his business: “This transaction has allowed me to take a step back from the business with the comfort of knowing our customers and employees will be treated well and taken care of as part of the larger Southern Home Services family. After researching Southern Home Services, and working with them on this transition, I’m very confident that they will continue to build upon Allen’s long-standing reputation in the central Kentucky region. I know I made the right decision for our customers, and for our employees.”

Another advantage of partnering with Southern Home Services is that business owners can ensure that the legacy of their company lives on, even if they decide to take a step back. One of the top reasons small business owners give for selling is that the business doesn’t fit into their changing lifestyle as it once did. Whether it’s due to retirement, health reasons, or the desire to undertake a new challenge, selling a business is sometimes the best option.

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